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History of Baltic Collagen

Every great and historic product tends to begin prosaically, with the
majority of the significant inventions having been determined by

In the 1990s a team of scientists from the Institute of Chemistry in
Gdansk (Poland) were in rather modest conditions, working on benefits
beyond the field of cosmetology from collagen obtained from extracts
of fish skins. This collagen had a structure of an amino - acid chain
perfectly compatible to that of humans.
Latest development in collagen research yields a collagen preparation with superior anti aging properties. Through these studies, a newly stabilized, yet active collagen molecule has emerged with the ability to combine with aged proteins of skin and target the direct cause of aging. While many opponents of collagen products insist that collagen cannot absorb into the skin, the fact remains that developing research confirms a new product with the ability to do so. Clearly the high concentration, trans-dermal absorptivity and unprecedented levels of biochemical activity do in some way contribute to the efficacy of results obtained. Owed to a patented purification process, the outcome of the study may hold future benefits to the medical industry as well.

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