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History of Baltic Collagen

Every great and historic product tends to begin prosaically, with the
majority of the significant inventions having been determined by

In the 1990s a team of scientists from the Institute of Chemistry in
Gdansk (Poland) were in rather modest conditions, working on benefits
beyond the field of cosmetology from collagen obtained from extracts
of fish skins. This collagen had a structure of an amino - acid chain
perfectly compatible to that of humans.

However, it was not yet a sensational creation. Collagen obtained
from the skin of cattle and later from the skin of fish had been used for
a long time worldwide in cosmetic implants, self-dissolving stitches,
vessel prostheses, compresses and as an ingredient in ointments
for scalds, scars and stretch mark treatments. Cosmetic companies
have been investing millions of dollars into the research of obtaining
collagen for 30 years. Such collagen was an ingredient usually of
the most expensive and the most advertised face creams, gels, face
conditioners and face masks.
As a follow up, in the search for biologically active collagen they
discovered a filtration method through a patented modification of
technology, which involves a protein material, chemically very similar
to collagen and does not break the fragile protein chain supported by a
hydrogen bond.
This was the birth of the greatest Polish chemical discovery since
the time of protein extraction from Antarctic krill ( which actually
was never used ). Collagen obtained through this method retained
its crystalline structure of amino acids which is identical to the so
called "triple helix" in human skin. It meant opening the route to
restoring protein, whose shortage caused ageing to the skin. In other
words it actually demonstrates the capability of reducing wrinkles. The
world of science was stirred by this new discovery. Collagen retaining
its triple helix arrangement was a sensational discovery, but only in the
sphere of specialists. The only problem was its perish ability at high
This problem was crucial for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic
companies who wished to obtain exclusive rights to the first medicine
in the world that possessed skin-repair properties. Nevertheless, they
were not seriously interested in it as long as it was prone to go through
the process in which the structure of the protein changed irreversibly,
losing the triple helix formation at room temperature.
Despite this fact, some Polish entrepreneurs from the north of Poland
launched a collagen preparation onto the market as early as 2002 -
2003. Still, it had to either be transported and kept in cold storage
or packed into huge polystyrene foam flasks that were not efficient
in the summer. A turning point, which from the commercial point of
view was comparable with the discovery of natural collagen itself, was
a development by technicians from a newly created modification of
technology patent. This new formulation enabled the products to be
stored, transported and used at room temperature (i.e., 22 centigrade,
and soon up to above 26 centigrade) without losing the triple helix
in which it is arranged, and the most valuable properties. Before this
achievement, the world's perspective on collagen preparations was
The clinical analyses conducted in 2001 and 2002 simultaneously
in the USA, Canada, France, Kuwait and Ukraine indisputably
confirmed the significance of the invention, yet had reservations
the collagen preparation only displayed biological activity and
effectiveness in temperature limits between 5 and 15 centigrade.
A new company--Baltic Collagen inc.--used the situation of extending
negotiations between the worlds tycoons and the producer who was
the most advanced in the creation of the latest stable commercial
formula. It was the last position in the tender for the rights to the
exclusive trade mission of the Baltic Collagen product line, which was
coming into existence.
Entrusted by thousands of consumers nationwide, Baltic Collagen is
no ordinary cosmetic. It is a living, biochemically active protein, which
strives to unify with the protein fibers of the user's skin. It is the chance
to make one of the oldest dreams of humankind--retaining youth--come


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It was the last position in the tender for the rights to the
exclusive trade mission of the Baltic Collagen product line, which was
coming into existence.

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