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Latest development in collagen research yields a collagen preparation with superior anti aging properties. Through these studies, a newly stabilized, yet active collagen molecule has emerged with the ability to combine with aged proteins of skin and target the direct cause of aging. While many opponents of collagen products insist that collagen cannot absorb into the skin, the fact remains that developing research confirms a new product with the ability to do so. Clearly the high concentration, trans-dermal absorptivity and unprecedented levels of biochemical activity do in some way contribute to the efficacy of results obtained. Owed to a patented purification process, the outcome of the study may hold future benefits to the medical industry as well.

However, before May of 2009, Baltic Collagen was not yet a sensational discovery. In 2002, the preliminary research arrived at an acceptable anti aging skin care product with reservations that it did not display biochemical activity at room temperatures. The collagen preparation only displayed biological activity and effectiveness in temperature limits between 41 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit. It was a major problem to research and development; however, follow up studies continued until another major technological advance came underway, which led the project into a new direction.

Besides the ability to unify with and absorb into the skin's cellular network, as Harry Klenda, President of Baltic Collagen Inc. points out clinical research indicates that the patented collagen compound neutralizes and protects against free radical damage.

It is no surprise that free radicals accelerate the aging process, The human body is made up of specialized cells that each perform a specific function. As one ages free radicals, known as aggravated atoms or molecules, slowly damage neighboring cells. When a free radical attacks a nearby atom it steals an electron to become stable. But by taking an electron from another chemical, the donating molecule becomes a free radical itself, and the process repeats. The chain reaction (known as propagation) can be thousands of events long. This is damage, and each event ages one's appearance everyday.

However, further experimental evidence suggests that a free radical does little damage when attacking a "loose" protein or other molecule in the body whereas a free radical attacking a collagen molecule of the skin causes a break in the collagen strand. Once the collagen of skin obtains multiple breaks, it loses its elastic quality. Skin becomes thin and limp.

Cells on the outer epidermal layer of skin are each subjected to 5,000 free radical attacks every day. And because the number of damaged cells is constantly increasing, so is the demand for antioxidants. As the ability to produce antioxidants in ones own defense decreases, the aging process speeds up every year.

Experimental evidence supports that Baltic Collagen protects against free radical damage in two ways: It acts as a sacrificial target of free radicals, attracting them like a magnet, and the preparation forms a protective barrier to airborne pollutants, shielding free radicals from making their way in.

The applied collagen gets attacked before free radicals make their way into the internally attached collagen proteins [rather than loose proteins] of skin; it also seals out environmental stressors that cause aging: pollution, heavy metals, and biochemical processes. It is a synchronized complex with dual (overlapping) antioxidant action; everyday that one wears the Baltic Collagen is a day that the skin does not age," reports Harry Klenda, President of Baltic Collagen inc.

By analyzing the benefits of biochemical activity, purity, and absorption, it becomes clear that consumers prosper greatly from this new development in collagen research. Through these studies, a newly stabilized, yet active collagen molecule has emerged with the unprecedented ability to absorb and combine with aged proteins and marks the first generation of skin care products to target the direct cause of aging. Clinical (trials/results) bring promising findings for universal applications to the medical industry as well. Clinical results offer promising findings in universal applications to the medical industry as well.



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